An Australian model who won haute couture

Haute Couture

Never underestimate the power of clothing. In the black Versace with gold safety pins, Elizabeth Hurley went from being Hugh Grant and one went on to become a fast bowler in 1994. Ruth Tarvydas’ red dress at the 2004 Brownlow Medal Ceremony introduced Rebecca Judd to realizing her potential. For Australian Ajok Madel, 22, Valentino’s lovely pink dress in Paris at an haute couture show paved the way for the word super to stay in front of his model.

Madel’s time

At the hottest fashion center came seven years after she decided to pursue a modeling career while working at McDonald’s in Perth. Born in a refugee camp in Kenya following the death of his father in the conflict in South Sudan, Madel’s family moved to Western Australia in 2008.

The rise of the crowded model ranks was slow and steady, with Camilla commercials and local films, before moving to New York where the campaigns of Tom Ford, Tory Burch, and the Vogue Thailand cover awaited. Now with one coat, a top-notch increase in’s Top 50 industry checklist is guaranteed.

It has been a very difficult task,” said Madel of London, as she prepared for her next fashion film. “I continue to force myself to do better and make sure I appreciate every important moment as it happens.”

While working on the haute couture season

Madel also toured in front of rapper Kanye West and his girlfriend Julia Fox in Schiaparelli, wearing a black coat that resembled a church dress, but the Valentino show was a highlight.
Everyone is welcome, and that means a lot to me. ”

Following on from 57-year-old veteran Kirsten McMenamy crossing the white carpet of Valentino’s Place Vendôme studio, as well as models representing sample curves Antoinette Walford and Apollo Yom, it was a welcome development in the industry that gradually incorporated diversity.

Before I came out there were a lot of 16-year-olds who looked a certain way on the catwalk. They are now models for all ages and backgrounds. It completely changes. ”

Madel’s work was enhanced by Perth-based star model

Christine Fox at Vivien’s center presented the works of Gemma Ward and Nicole Trunfio who travel on airplanes that are not very different in critical areas.

At first, Madel was not sure if he could reach the same height as his bright-skinned predecessors. When I threw Madel in a fashion film in 2019 she told me that one magazine inspired her to want to succeed.

Changes in the industry have paved the way for Australian-owned South Sudanese models to continue to dominate the airline, including reigning queen Adut Akech and budding star and Harper’s Bazaar Australia cover model Akon Changkou. Despite her growing popularity Madel keeps any competition well hidden under her powerful smile.

There are some of my most important Aussies,” Madel said. “I did Valentino and Adult. My sisters are so beautiful. Even in Paris, there is nothing better than seeing an Australian, whether you are a hairdresser, a photographer, or a model. It makes me feel closer to home. We can meet and cry over coffee. ”

The bright eyeliner look captures the Parisian haute couture shows by storm

Audrey Hepburn, Amy Winehouse, and Eartha Kitt are all icons, known for their unique eye makeup. Now Julia Fox has joined their ranks. The actress, model, and Kanye West colleague were photographed at a fashion show in Paris this week wearing an extravagant eyeliner – the “wing” of black makeup extends beyond her bone.

The powerful eyeliner was also spotted throughout the haute couture catwalk at Chanel and Schiaparelli this week.

Jacqueline Kilikita, editor-in-chief of beauty salon Refinery29, sees Fox’s appearance as part of a wide-ranging cosmetic transition to creative, eye-catching experiments. He says this depends on a few factors. “TikTok is behind many of the bold trends currently in existence, thanks to the tested cosmetics artists. Wearing a mask too much means that it is all about the eyes. ”

We have endured two years of re-inclusion due to the epidemic, and during that time cosmetics were set aside to allow skincare,” said Annie Vischer, a beauty editor for Grazia.

Television has played its part. Vischer points to Euphoria, where the test eye makeup is the signature of the character Jules. There is also the upcoming Pam & Tommy, a series about Baywatch star and eyewitness Pamela Anderson, starring Lily James, and singer Tommy Lee. These games say Vischer, “beauty styles of the 90s and 00s. Inspiration is there to take. ”

Whether this over-the-counter eyeliner test. An inconsistent appearance of medium makeup remains to see.

Dior’s latest collection of Haute Couture Back to Essence

Haute Couture
Dior Collection

At the Dior Spring / Summer 2022 haute couture show in Paris, Maria Grazia Chiuri set up an art center. “It’s about … several creative people who work together to create,” said the designer
For many, one of the main reasons for the continued existence of haute couture in the 21st century. Is a pure celebration of handicrafts – its straightforward translation, after all, means high sewing or sewing work. The pinnacle of nature is tied to technological know-how.

It is a platform for making clothes unconventionally using handicrafts. Ways that could have died without support, rearing, and passing on to new generations. For Maria Grazia Chiuri, that art is a dialogue – “the idea of an atelier, a conversation between an artist and a designer” is how she describes the root of her Spring / Summer 2022 outfits.

The collection revealed a hanging space panel. Decorated with gargantuan and made of the real back with stitches. It was the result of a collaboration between Dior. The artists Madhvi and Manu Parekh, and the craftsmen of Mumbai Chanakya School of Craft. Whose work Chiuri loved for years, began working with him while designing Fendi in the middle. -the 90s.

Today, millions of stitches have been redesigned in Parekh’s paintings

In a public open space until Sunday in the gardens of Musée Rodin. And next to those millions of stitches came millions more. Dior collection itself immersed in embroidery. The embroidery is often used not only for decoration physical creation. Embroidery techniques made fabric, creating more space. And in some cases changing the usual texture as a way of making clothes, instead of just decorating them. They became part, not inseparable.

The collection itself relegated back to the essentials. White and black Tailleur Bar defined the color scheme as refined subdued, especially in comparison to the multi-colored curtains of Chanakya School. The cuts do not mean easy: the embroidered areas move. So that black cloth shines wet with beads, some jacquards copied but with hard handcrafts.

Even ties, socks, and shoes were dripping with beads; every day they made precious. God often has details: here, Dior’s flexible jackets were slew with a double-breasted, featherweight. And visually crafted, a technological challenge that only informed clients who found to wear soft jackets and were as simple as a T-shirt.

Knowledge, technology, culture,” Chiuri said behind the stage. They are the Dior mantra, well as the heartbeat of the whole haute couture.

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