Gucci is about to receive a Hollywood treatment. Ridley Scott, of Blade Runner fame with Thelma & Louise, made a wonderful film, later this month, about the murderous history of the Italian family playing Lady Gaga. “It was a word that sounded sweet, appealing; which is important, ”he said in a trailer. Of course, Gucci’s name has long been associated with Hollywood, and its connection to the movies was everywhere as you watched Alessandro Michele’s fab spring 2022 show tonight.

There, in the front row, was Gwyneth Paltrow, wearing an updated version of the red velvet designed by Tom Ford the Gucci tux she played about 1996. And there, on the runway, there were twelve “Gucci friends”, including Macaulay Culkin.

Miranda July, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Jared Leto, who starred in Scott’s film. In the background were the Chinese theater building and the Hollywood Boulevard itself— “that time of the gods,” Michele called it.

Michele praises her mother

A film lover and an assistant in a production company.  For inspiring her with her love of classic Hollywood. But equally the collection was about the Los Angeles contemporary. A place the designer first visited at the age of 27 and loved it. “LA is not a fashion city, but it is fashionable,” he said backstage before the show. Maybe it’s because of my style — it is personal. ”

When it was finally time to return to personal shows after two seasons of experience required to close the doors. Los Angeles seemed an obvious decision. In the seven years, he has been in charge of Gucci, has been introduced to New York, Paris, Rome, and Milan many times, but Michele’s collections have never made any sense beyond what was done tonight on Hollywood Boulevard, with its neon lights and the Walk of Stars.

At a press conference after the show, Michele said she initially wanted to be a tailor. He spent part of the day today at the recently opened Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Where he admired a dress covered with a Shirley Temple bow, among other pieces.

On the subject of special event clothing, it is safe to say that he has made a name for himself this season. With their cinematic sweep, if his clothes don’t come to the museum, we’ll certainly see them soon at the awards showing the red carpet.

With his hungry eye, he held all sorts of Hollywood ropes. And mixed with screen particles would be the newly entered stars on a bus wearing calico costumes. And big dreams like their 10-liter cowboy hats.

My Hollywood is on the streets,” he said, as well as a mix of sporty-sporty jackets with brightly colored leggings and running sneakers that look great in real life, including post-epidemic polish and California’s famous casualties.

About sex toy jewelry, as well as the sensational undercurrent of skintight latex and eye-catching lenses, Michele reminded the crowd at a press conference that Gucci is not the “king of capitalism” like many of its peer-to-peer peers, but has its roots.

Gucci APPENDIX 2022

Gucci Collection

The song of today’s Gucci show shows how deeply the Italian genre has penetrated the zeitgeist. Alessandro Michele, the creative director of the house, is a one-man factory — but he has a lot of good things to do.

Gucci turns 100 this year. Michele’s new collection is to celebrate that milestone, and in his own way, it is amazingly complex. Not unexpectedly re-examining the history of the house. This is a common practice on working days. Michele picked up Gucci’s horse codes, giving them a fetishistic spin — one model broke their whip as they descended the runway. He also repeated one of Tom Ford’s best hats, a red velvet tuxedo from the fall of 1996.

Even more impressive are the pieces Michele suggests – or “quotes,” to use company language – from Demna Gvasalia’s Balenciaga, another type in the Kering stable. As the show began and social media began to cry out in unison. The media representative clarified that this was not one of the most common ways to combine fashion but rather the first result from a hacking lab by Michele.

With Gvasalia’s approval, Michele used some of Balenciaga’s designer brand designs and emblems. Including a sharp hip jacket for autumn 2016 and spring 2017’s spandex peplum top and leggings. All of these items are mixed and blended with her characters — the glitter of the day, the marabou. And the heart-shaped minaudière interspersed with rhinestones — along with a new emphasis on sewing ancient costumes.

In that robbery, Michele has something in common with the artists who love the sample in his music. But fashion trends are rare. A point clarified by a written statement from François-Henri Pinault, chairman, and CEO of Kering: ”He says. “Those views are remembered not only in their imagination. But also in their power to ask queries about our terms and their patterns.” The industry will be looking at how this concept develops, with whom, and where.

In a press conference, Michele spoke of the 100-year-old house heritage and “Gucci-style power. But to make his point, Michele’s sampling has gone beyond the famous Gucci-isms and the memorized Demna Gvasalia. Songs from the Gucci by the Cramps and Eric B. & Rakim songs that preceded his decades-long label became embellishments and prints — Easter eggs for those who knew him.

Your truth though is that Gucci is fun as it comes to fashion trends. Michele acquires that at a basic level, and understandably enjoys being. A cultural designer is a designer of clothing and other items. They visualize Gucci in a million different ways, a million times, ”he told Zoom One. So a music video he made with his friend, filmmaker Floria Sigismondi.

After walking through the tunnel of old cameras lined up in the flight path, like red carpet stars. The models slowed down in a dark room before landing in the imaginary forest. Where they barked white horses, peacocks, and cockroaches. The film closes with one of those minaudière hearts glistening up in the air. It is a post-epidemic dream.

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