Luxury fashion brands

Luxury fashion brands

Gucci, Valentino, and Marni are among the luxury products that release collections of capsules for New Year’s Eve in China. All about Leopard Year. As the campaigns grow, experts note that brands are taking a more proactive approach. To avoid mistakes in the massive growth market.

Gucci’s Tiger collection includes a variety of animal interpretations

A reflection of creative director Alessandro Michele’s naturalistic creativity, according to an Italian house. And a pastel palette inspired by traditional Chinese art.

Starting January 14th, Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew will be hosting a pop-up of some kind. And US Gucci restaurants in cities including New York and Chicago will feature special items. Balenciaga, Dior, Marni, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Burberry, Versace, and Fendi are also releasing – waiting – leopard-inspired capsule collections and limited-edition products and they promote the holiday on their international social media channels.

Statistics are as high as before. Chinese consumers are the engine of global growth in luxury spending, and the region is on track to become a major luxury market by 2025, according to Bain & Company.

Getting proper Chinese marketing messages is important

Especially with important the New Year holidays. However, the line between success and failure is narrow, and luxury products make a mistake on the safe side. Using the literal rendering of the zodiac animal as a hook for new collections. Said Kim Leitzes, APAC’s managing director of Launchmetrics.

There is reason to be cautious, as consumers around the world have a low tolerance for tokens. And Chinese network users are notorious for not forgiving advertising errors.

The Chinese government has also recently introduced strict rules in its vast economy and has imposed restrictions on many areas. Including celebrity fan culture, sports, and technology. High-quality brand ambassadors have been arrested, from actors Fan Bingbing and Zhao Wei to live Viya live streaming, which adds to the pressure on the brands that rely on them.

Participation, or silence, is a way for Western products to show Chinese customers that they care, Leitzel said. “Chinese consumers expect products to invest in local strategies that they feel are realistic and thoughtful.

While locating products locally to suit

The Chinese market is important, products that go above and beyond to connect with the consumer emotionally drive the needle when it comes to product performance, “he said. Chinese Valentine’s Day), Single’s Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival, more than they have done in previous years.


Lisa Ing, a Chinese, London-based corporation attorney who wears Celine and Isabel Marant, adds, “The Chinese New Year is very important to me [and] integrates things like our culture and superstitions.

To avoid potential problems, some of the leading brands this year have shifted. The weight of their managers to their Chinese and APAC teams, internal sources of high-end products told Vogue Business.

That means relying on local teams for marketing decisions that would have come before European HQs. Others relied on their local communities: Ferragamo invited Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu to create a unique leopard-inspired print. Which was then integrated into the limited edition materials. Prada has launched a competition asking under-30s in art schools around the world to better describe the leopard.

The student works will be judged by a special judge comprising artists Liu Ye, Lu Yang, and Goshka Macuga, while others will be selected for use in a special project that takes place throughout the year 2022.

However, the New Year’s sale raises long-standing questions among the Asian diaspora about the integration of ethnic cultures. The brands can work with local communities in a meaningful way, suggests Ing.

Since the 2019 racial justice protests

multinational corporations have been under increasing pressure to invest in those communities by working with local groups, sponsoring cultural events, and hiring various workers.

Some brands have already begun linking their marketing campaigns with charitable causes and streamlining their business and community efforts to meet the needs of their local communities.

Prada celebrates New Year’s Eve without a capsule collection but a charity campaign and a project dedicated to protecting tigers. Its “Action in the Year of the Leopard” action will include a series of awareness activities on large cat species, species. he said, as one of many who are in danger of extinction.

At the same time, Bottega Veneta is taking part in the Great Wall. With a colorful festive message reflected in the shadows of its green signature and tangerine.

Along with the installation, the mansion has pledged to support the renovation and maintenance of Shanhaiguan, also known as Shanhai Pass, the key to the transit. It is a unique way of making a powerful statement about cultural awareness and trade. This may also be felt in the new Chinese generation who enjoy meaningful work, says Leitzel.

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