The fashion label promotes a more direct approach to good behavior

Fashion label promotes

Can you talk to us about your work?

For the past 20 years, I have been working in corporate banking and acquired the knowledge and experience I found to be valuable to my company, which I started two years ago. Business and entrepreneurial activities are two different worlds. When you start your business, there are no “working hours” and weekends, over which you have to manage everything on your own, but I really enjoy this trip.

What inspired you to enter the fashion industry?

Over the years, I have considered exploring business opportunities and fashion has always been appealing to me. After a careful look at the market, I found a place in a modest fashion market, and here’s how.BEYOND started.

Can you talk to us through the concept of that?

Launched in 2019, it is a luxury, stable fashion brand that offers limited edition designs for different abbots and kaftans. We offer a modern twist on the fabric and ensure a long-lasting look with detail and consistent attention to the quality of the fabric. The team selects fabrics from established international suppliers as well as specialized selections from leading manufacturers. Next year, we will be launching a collection that is ready to be worn as part of the expansion of product strategies.

The brand is determined not to keep stock up. You can talk to us about the process so that customers can buy from.BEYOND?

This is one of our main pillars in terms of sustainability which.ByYOND is committed to. The concept.ByYOND is to produce quality over quantity which enables us to keep out of stock. When we introduce a new collection, it contains a few pieces of each style. We build strong relationships with our suppliers and they understand and support the vision that allows us to place pre-orders. That concept works best when it comes to distribution as consumers place orders ahead of time.

Can you explain to us what this means?

One of the main pillars of my product is sustainability which means signing a bond with Positive Luxury was the next natural step. Sustainability awareness in our region is still in the early stages, so as a product owner it is my job to share information and commitment. Today, it is no longer a choice but a must when it comes to the fashion industry, which is the second most polluting.

How has? Did BEYOND develop since its inception?

For starters. From then on, each collection was unique and radically changed into fashion pieces. We listen to the needs of our customers and our expansion with sub-abaya pieces will be part of our ready-to-wear collection, which will allow us to create the perfect look.BEYOND. Our team has excellent experience in the luxury industry and the combination of nations brings different angles to each collection.

Whom would you say are your mentors in the fashion space?

There are several words I really like and learn from their work and their work. One of them is Miuccia Prada, who has been described by the media as the “high fashion oracle”. A woman with a vision as a designer and an impressive understanding of the fashion industry business.

How do you feel that the fashion scene in this region is different from other parts of the world?

I see our region as an emerging market in the development phase. We can see many kinds of new products throughout the GCC. But only a few have a vision, strategy, and business knowledge. Developing a luxurious style of fashion is a journey, not a destination. One of the most important factors for customers who understand and enjoy luxury, which is a strong element of Arab culture. As a UAE product owner, I see that one of the biggest challenges is building customer loyalty and trust in local products. Consumers know how to celebrate fancy fashion which is why the UAE has become such an important shopping destination.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Driven by my love for the founding of the world’s first modest Emirati fashion. It’s still a long way off, but I’m here to enjoy the ride, where I have the opportunity to meet many inspiring people from the fashion industry.

What advice would you like to receive at the beginning of your journey to success?

Let me share a quote from Sophia Amoruso that might inspire those who are considering starting their own business: “Do not give up, take nothing for yourself, and do not take the answer.”

Chinese New Year: What Luxury Products Should Understand With Marketing Campaigns

fashion label promotes
Marketing Campaigns

In the Tiger Year, many luxury brands decided to negotiate with Chinese buyers for tips. Caution is essential as the marketing campaigns of this holiday season. Are often criticized over cultural exploitation and misinterpretation of tribal customs.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year is a very important holiday in a large luxury market. Also, it is important to make the marketing campaigns right. Do western companies do their homework and invest time and resources in understanding the traditional Tiger Year? Are they launching dedicated campaigns that integrate the 2022 culture and superstitions?

Feline Design Muse

The leopard is the third animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. According to legend, the Jade Emperor challenged all the animals in the Empire in the race. The overconfident tiger was sure to come first but came third after the mouse and the ox. The year 2022 will be about making big changes, taking risks, and having fun.

Fashion brands have been embracing the leopard as a museum of its new design by adding Animalia, leopard stripes, and gold and red colors to their fashion and accessories. Gucci and Prada move on. They link the collection of their capsules with the reason for helping other people who contribute part of their profits to programs that protect endangered species and their natural habitats. “Walking with Tiger and Leopard” and “The Lion’s Share Fund” program to raise awareness and protect biodiversity in China.

Logical Activities That Meet Chinese Network Users

The key to a successful Chinese New Year campaign is to truly connect with the customer on an emotional level through a meaningful opening. Lowering the clusters of animal festival capsules is not enough. Internet users have high standards and appreciate it when luxury labels match content and actions.

To activate rational efforts and avoid negative cultural practices by 2022. Brands must rely on their local company team for marketing decisions instead of European headquarters. Events in local communities, such as launching a competition asking art school students to translate. A tiger zodiac animal or negotiating with a Chinese artist to design a new print for a limited edition collection could lead to winning strategies.

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