LaQuan Smith

Before releasing his flaming collection on the airport tonight, New York designer LaQuan Smith took a moment of silence to thank the late André Leon Talley — who has long transformed the industry as we know it, thanks to his keen eye. and incomparable enthusiasm. The crowd, previously abuzz with laughter and pictures, became silent. During the busy, fast-paced week, it was a high-profile touch on Smith’s part that reminded one to take a moment to meditate. It also allowed viewers to breathe a sigh of relief, before being taken aback by the extravagant, surrealistic dresses. (The opening number, for example — portrayed by Julia Fox, an IT girl of the day — was a black turtleneck with bright chest hair; a mob rebelled.)

Smith has chosen a special place to present his collection of sturdy outfits this season

a beautiful downtown area formerly the Down Town Association, an independent members club founded in 1859. “My wife is arousing, and there’s something annoying about this space,” Smith said before the show. “The Lord knows what was going on back here. He started with an hour of traditional cocktail downstairs and then arrived during the show the VIP guests — including And Just By Nicole Ari Parker — went upstairs.

Although they were briefly on the way up, crashing together like a pack of expensive sardines, no one seemed to think, because it meant being able to see one of the numerous compelling standings in New York.

When the show started, it was very much fenced like cattle. After two years of the epidemic, and the excessive use of such terms as “comfortable dress” or “casual wear”. Smith wanted to dial the sex element in order to fall and ensure the return of the naughty glamor. This resulted in lots of sequins, beautiful mink coats. And very small skirts that recently learned at the waist — such as the modern take on the Wild Studio 54 style.

His neutral color palette, paired with gold-plated gold, red, and blue, has surely aroused your curiosity. Smith did well. Sequins covered with sequin- or mink paired with low-slung pants that reveal hip bones. The dress was cut into deep-V necklines. While her type of leather pants came off the zipper all over like a car jacket. Outerwear was something new to her, Smith said. “It’s all about these New York shearlings that are very strong, big, with these sexy little silhouettes below. It’s cold outside while moving someplace. ”

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